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In the world of law firms spanning the globe, there are countless attorneys and law firms that offer their services to those that need them. And of course, no one law firm can do everything, though there are some that try. At IBLF, we offer attorneys who are excellent in their areas of expertise, we rely on technology to assist our clients with rapid and accurate communications, we are located in the most strategic location for access to the Washington DC area, and we have a record of success in our special areas that few other law firms can claim. We invite you to examine our credentials, and if you are feel the confidence in our integrity, our knowledge, our background in the area and nature of your legal problem, our willingness to take on hard cases, and our focus on your individual case, please contact us, and we will do our best for you.

Our Attorneys

IBLF attorneys have generally specialized in immigration litigation, including Board of Immigration Appeal cases, appeals to US District Court, as well as the normal preparation and administrative processing of immigration forms with the US CIS, Responses to Requests for Evidence, and virtually all forms of visa applications, including consular processing. Please examine our Staff Directory for further information on our attorneys.

Our Technology

In order to serve our clients efficiently and with maximum flexibility, IBLF has implemented the LawLogix immigration server software, which allows all attorneys, case managers as well as our clients to access our case processing information, including drafts of forms, and the preparation and printing of scanned documents, in a secure computer environment. While not all of our clients have access to the internet, if they do, they can participate in a most effective way in the progress of their case. We scan virtually all documents that are necessary in the processing of our cases so that our clients can receive instant copies of what is received by our office. For further information, examine our vendor's website: or, better yet, become an IBLF client or try our online inquiry system: Ask an Attorney!

Our Location

Our offices are located between the Farragut West and George Washington University metro stops on the Orange or Blue Line in Washington, DC, our nation's capital. We are within about three blocks of all the buildings of the World Bank, one block off of the legendary attorney corridor "K" Street, and within walking distance of the White House, the Organization of American States buildings, the US State Department, Georgetown and Dupont Circle.

Our Record

No law firm is perfect, nor can any law firm guarantee you a positive result. And law firms that do not take on the hard cases can be much more "successful" than those that are willing to litigate a disputed issue, or try to find a creative argument for a client who has been caught in the ambiguities of immigration law, or otherwise fallen into seemingly hopeless situation. What we can do is evaluate your case honestly, and then, if we find a possible legitimate argument, fight for you as far as we can. We have established an amazing record in our Appeals to the BIA, as well as our litigated asylum cases, and hardship waivers.