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  • Carolina Leon Sainz, Esq. - Washington Staff, SPAIN (inactive), LL.M American University
  • Daisy Mejia - Washington Staff
  • Andrea Sanchez - Washington Staff
  • The Honorable Dr. Amir A. Majid - Consultant to IBLF, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Gurinder Pal Singh, Esq. - INDIA (Dehli High Court) - Washington & India Staff
  • R. Brooke Lewis - US Attorney - OF COUNSEL
  • Robert M. Price - US Attorney - OF COUNSEL

Past Staff & Family!

From left to right
(Back): Ana Cociug, Dexter Meyers, Tomi Ojo-Ade, Albert Lewis, Kelly Lazo, Carolina Leon Sainz, Odalisa Abina, BP Singh Chhabra
(Front): Alex Craciunescu, Steffanie Lewis, Gurinder Pal Singh

The IBLF - December 06!

From left to right
(Back): Albert Lewis, Noyan Eyigor, Alex Craciunescu, BP Singh Chhabra, Sorina Vlaicu, Abby Lackner, R. Brooke Lewis
(Front): Carolina Leon Sainz, Tomi Ojo-Ade, Peta-Gaye Ricketts, Odalisa Abina, Steffanie Lewis