The International Business Law Firm PC

IBLF Payments

INTERNET PAYMENTS: Please Note that we do accept credit card payments for legal fees and expenses though, as a cost-saving matter, that we are no longer accepting credit card payments made on-line through the internet, though you may send us through PayPal(c). For security please email us for the directions.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: You may bring your card to the office or pay by telephone (202-296-1111) to our accounting office and Mr. Ben Demers. In addition, if you are paying for Filing Fees or other direct expenses which will be paid out of law firm accounts, we will charge you 3% for any credit card payments

CHECK PAYMENTS: Please mail your check made payable to The International Business Law Firm PC or IBLF PC to our street address: 1915 Eye Street, NW, Washington DC 20006-2118.

BANK or WIRE: IBLF currently maintains bank accounts at Suntrust Bank and Citibank. If you wish to make a payment at either bank or by wire, please call for instructions.